Who RV's


Young families with kids - Love their RV
* they can eat when they're hungry
* the family gets to spend more time together
* kids can sleep in their own beds, anytime

Busy career couples - Love their RV
* the RV is ready and waiting to go
* take off for a few days, at a moment's notice
* get away from it all to have fun, or just relax

People who love the outdoors - Love their RV

* explore the countryside, new places
* spend the night in your own piece of paradise
* discover nature every morning

 Retired singles or couples - Love their RV
* travel to places they'd only dreamed of
* make new friends and neighbours
* live life to the fullest as their own pace

Travelers on a budget - Love their RV
* great accommodation at the lowest price
* meals and drinks will cost the same as at home
* save up to 70% on vacations or trips

source: GoRVing.ca